"May God Punish You" - Pastor’s Wife Curses Church Members For Not Contributing Money For Her Birthday (Video)

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Pastors wife

A video has surfaced online showing the moment a pastor's wife cursed congregants for eating during her birthday celebration and leaving afterwards without contributing anything. The video was first posted online by @ifeomatess on Twitter and it captures the moment the wife was heard cursing members for refusing to contribute money for her birthday. According to her, some of the members came to her house to eat on her birthday without contributing anything.

Her blunt message and the way she went about the whole thing have stirred waves of reactions on social media and the conversation is getting interesting by the minute.

“Even on my birthday some of you refuse to contribute. May God punish you. Because you are wicked unless you don’t have”

”it’s not like the money is for me, it’s for the food you are coming to eat. Some of you eat like a pig and also carry takeaway” the pastor said.

See Video Below;


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Emily Otuedon
4 days ago

Na wa oo. Imagine that

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4 days ago

So the question now is what kind of pastor's wife is she? A pastor's wife that uses birthday for fund raising? A pastor's wife that courses her supposed flock? I think she is not a good pastor's wife but one of those daughters of Jeezbel.

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Frank Saiday
4 days ago

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Can you imagine 

She's fucked up 

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na diff. tin dey happen for dis country

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Onoh Amarachi
1 day ago

A disgrace to christianîty

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A pastor's wife cursing

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