Yoruba Nation Rally, Oduduwa Republic Holds In Abeokuta Despite Police Ban (Video)

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Despite the threat by the police that no rally should hold in Ogun State on Saturday, Yoruba nation agitators are currently on the streets of Abeokuta, the state capital. Source reported that the agitators, dressed in various local outfits, marched through Ake palace to access other parts of the state capital.

A leader of the group, while addressing the people, said “we had spoken with the police. Nobody can stop us from walking freely on our fatherland.

“That’s Alake’s palace, we are going there. They all know we are fighting their cause. They know we want to save them from the Fulanis.

“Yorubas can plan a seven-day battle for seven years. What we are doing now is preparation. Just continue repeating that what we want is Yoruba nation. “Do not fight anybody. We are not criminals. We are not here to attack anybody. We did not come here with any weapons. What we want is Yoruba nation.”


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Samuel Samson
4 days ago

Ok. Amazing

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Emily Otuedon
4 days ago

Please it should be a peaceful one

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Edem Friday
4 days ago

Please police cooperate with our people

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Yoruba are as confused as a toothless lion. Why are the clamouring for a republic inside a republic they are mostly benefiting? What is the basis for this treacherous demonstration? Are they tired of eating crumbs that comes out of Fulani table? 

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