Youths Rescue 15 Kidnapped Farmers In Taraba State

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What could have been another breakthrough for gunmen who abducted 15 farmers while working on a farm in Donga local government area of Taraba state on Saturday, was however averted by youths of Suntai and adjoining villages in Donga who mobilised and rescued the farmers from their abductors. Source gathered that the farmers which comprise of 12 men and 3 women were on a group farming expedition in Donga LGA when they were picked up by the gunmen. It was learnt that they were lined and taken along a bush path to meet another set of gunmen.

However, two of the kidnappers were also nabbed by the search and rescue team drawn from Suntai, in Bali LGA, and Mararaba in Donga LGA.

The Chief of Suntai Chiefdom, HRH Umaru Haruna, spoke to Vanguard via telephone.

According to him, “the farmers are residents in Suntai but they went for group farming expedition in the farm of one of their friend in Donga.

“While they were on the farm, the gunmen seized them and led them across the bush path to a location to meet another set of armed men where they wanted to divide those abducted.

“It was during this process that they fled with the three women and abandoned the 12 men when they saw that the search and rescue party were close to their location.

“The 12 were recovered and brought to the palace. The youth continued with their trail of the fleeing kidnappers who still had three women with them.

“Along the line, one nursing mother was abandoned while they held the remaining two women captive, of which one was pregnant.

“The youths recovered the nursing mother and nabbed two of the kidnappers who were brought to town.

“At this time, villages along that axis heard of what was going on and also mobilized to chase the kidnappers. The kidnappers eventually abandoned the remaining two women and fled.

“The two women were recovered and brought to the palace around 2 am this morning (Sunday).”

Corroborating the Monarch, the Chairman of Donga LGA, Nashuka Ipeyen said the 15 kidnapped farmers have been rescued.

He said, “combined youths from Mararaba and Suntai chased the kidnappers and 13 were rescued yesterday (Saturday).

“The remaining two were rescued in the early hours of today (Sunday).” Contacted, spokesman of the state police command, DSP David Misal said the report of the incident was yet to reach the headquarters of the state police command.


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