Influencer And Her Boyfriend Fall 120ft To Their Death In Possible Murder-Suicide (Photos)

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In what will come across as a really startling development, an influencer and her boyfriend have died in Bolivia. They fell 12 storeys to their deaths in Bolivia after neighbours heard the pair arguing, in an incident police are investigating as a murder-suicide. The grim moment was captured in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra in the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz on April 27.

The victims were identified as Sarah Arauco and Dagner Rojas. Both died on impact, suffering some gruesome injuries.

Two videos of the incident appear to show one of the pair falling to their death.

One shows Rojas dangle from the window before falling as the distressed filmmaker can be heard shouting as the video ends.

A second video shows the incident from a different angle.

Rojas' fall was filmed by neighbours just moments after his girlfriend was seen falling from the same spot.  

Neighbours told local newspaper Milenio they heard the pair arguing before the tragic incident.  

The report added 'a friend of the couple' said Rojas had behaved 'jealously' during their relationship, but the pair had still planned to marry in May this year.

Special Force Against Violence Director Jose Velasco said in a statement to the local press that the authorities 'are processing the scene' and that they 'want nothing other than to do a serious job'.

Further details about the ongoing investigation will come from the district attorney, Velasco said. The pair had participated in a now discontinued television show called 'Calle 7' between 2009-2013. The show involved several contestants taking on group challenges to try to win a prize. The couple were fairly well known in the area and Arauco had amassed a following of 23,900 followers on Instagram.


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