German Man Reportedly Hospitalized After Accidentally Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine 5 Times

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A man has been hospitalized after accidentally receiving five times the standard dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Health authorities in the eastern German city of Schwerin told the local daily Schweriner Volkszeitung that it had been a regrettable incident, which occurred after the containers with diluted and undiluted versions of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine were mixed up.

As a precaution, the man was taken to the hospital for observation but had so far not shown any signs of problems, the authorities said.


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1 week ago

Accidentally receiving Covid19 drug 5 times unbelievable.

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Hahaha wahala no the finish oo, this vaccine

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I pray that you heal
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Emily Otuedon
6 days ago

Why is he receiving it for 5times

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Corona virus 2019

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Onoh Amarachi
2 days ago

Vaccine overdose

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Ndhgsubsj gdheyebryrg hrhdhdydyb

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Vuvsh nbshdy jeuehrb

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Wow fuck naibdv

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Adefusi Benjamin
9 hours ago

Okay ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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