Checkout Nigeria Junior Secondary School English & Maths Exam Papers In 1946 (Photos)

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These were exam questions in1946 for 'Middle IV' which is the equivalent of JS2 now, I believe. I wonder how many of our graduates now could pass these exams easily. No wonder our secondary school leavers of the past could think deeper and ask questions better than many people that carry themselves around today as graduates. Sad.

I am of the opinion that we need to restructure our educational system by strengthening free primary and secondary education. We need to have more technical schools to encourage the trades. As for tertiary education for our youth, we need to develop a realistic, reliable and sustainable funding model that will ensure independence of the university system and also quality delivery therefrom. For now, we seem to be obsessed with building our universities on large expanse of lands with buildings all over the place but fail to equip and supply laboratories therein. I think we need to restructure our educational system to aim at bringing out people at all levels that can create jobs. Not just job-seekers.





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So to find x no b today e start oo

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Emily Otuedon
4 days ago

Where on earth did they find this. Wow

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Wowo so easy sooooold

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