Vikings Cult Leader Surrenders Gun & Accepts Jesus On The Lords Chosen Church (Video)

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As a fisherman uses a live worm for a decoy when fishing, so does God of Chosen sometimes lure souls to the kingdom, through problems and afflictions. Especially, souls he's interested in. When he goes direct to bring lost souls home and they refuse, he allows His great army (locusts, cankerworms, palmerworms, caterpillars, sickness and afflictions - Joel 2:25) to trouble us; not to destroy us , but that we might reconsider and return back to him.

The testimony of brother Ifeanyi is a typical example of such case.

He was a ring leader of the supreme vikings cult in Nigeria, a principal-offender, a repeat-offender and has raped, robbed and killed many of his victims.

One day, he called our Chosen brother who lives in same neck of the woods, and asked him “ brother, you've lived in this area for a long time and you don't associate or talk with anyone; besides, everyone is afraid of you and your lifestyle; what cult are you into? ” Our Chosen brother told him he doesn't belong to any cult.

He then deduced that our brother was a member of ogboni confraternity which our brother denied, that he is a Chosen and don't need to join a cult.

He urged our brother to join his gang and our brother again rebuffed, and then he collected our brother's number, with hope that someday they will become friends.

That particular idea of his eventually paid off. A fellow-feeling was birthed and God of Chosen began to do his work.

Not long after, our Chosen brother received a distress call from Ifeanyi and urged him to come immediately. Our brother who didn't know where he stays, demanded for directions and he eventually found his way to his house .

Getting there, he found out that Ifeanyi has a severe pile. He couldn't sit or stand.

Our brother took him to the hospital and when they got there, the doctor said he has to undergo an operation and that the operation will cost 250,000.

His family was then contacted and when they came, they refused their brother to be operated, that they have a better place(herbalist) for him where he can be healed pro bono.

Before he left the hospital, the doctor told him, just like our Chosen brother initially told him, that “it's only God of Chosen that can deliver him." Funny as it may sound, the doctor wasn't even a Chosen member. This showed that God of Chosen was working ahead of them.

The herbalist did all they could but couldn't heal him, and they called people from white garment church who also did all they could, but couldn't fathom all that was going on with the boy.

After several efforts and no positive result, they told the boy that what he is suffering from is a spiritual problem, and that only God of Chosen can deliver him. That he should find his way to the chosen church.

This was the second time, strangely, that a solution was been proffered by non-chosen members.

He was brought to Chosen where he eventually confessed his sins and surrendered his guns.

That very evening, after he turned over a new leaf, he was invited to our branch church in Orile, Lagos, for more counsel and prayers– and when he was dressed up and ready to go, his friends accosted him and were shocked when it was revealed to them that their leader turned the page and was having a date with the Lord.

They thought he was joshing,and they followed him to Chosen.

Getting there, the rest of his minions all surrendered to God of chosen. They said “ if their alpha-male could turn the page and become a Chosen, then, they are all ready to change."

The resident pastor counselled them and gave his personal apron to the leader, as he's been constantly troubled and scared of a backlash from his quondam members.

When he wore the apron to his vicinity, and even his neighborhood, there was pandemonium! The baffled locals came out in their numbers and began to talk in hushed tones.

It was indeed a sight to behold.

When questioned by dwellers, he told them he is now a Chosen and has renounced his former cult name, which he was known for.

He rendezvoused with his erstwhile members and after telling them of his intention to back out, one of them got angry and tried to hurt Ifeanyi, but the bottle he broke ricocheted and injured him. They eventually, let him go, even though it was a hard pill to swallow. Today, our brother has been given a new life and a second chance by God of chosen.


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Opor that is good news

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This is  interesting 

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Abiodun Shittu
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I pray God forgive his sins ooo
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Good news

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Good nwes kkkjj

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Thank God for the newly converted.i just pray he doesn't turn his back on God again

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Wow, very nice

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Jesus is the best follow him ggggbbbnbbvccvb

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Awfr or something 

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Good news if all the bad egg in our society will give their lives to Jesus Christ there will be peace for all.

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Good news

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Glory to God

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