If You Don't Want To Die Young, Then Stop These 6 Habits That Send People To Early Grave

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Because of some habits we have in our daily lives, living longer has become increasingly rare. In this special edition of my article, I'll enlighten your mind on some habits that contribute to a high mortality rate, particularly among young people. Even though the world is already in turmoil and people are dying from diseases and other causes, most young people live their lives as they wish.


It is important to enjoy and live life, but it is also important to determine whether or not your life is in danger. You can attest to the fact that the majority of people who perish these days are young, and there are reasons for this. This alarming situation is exacerbated by a loss of respect and obedience. There are also some things that young people do that put their lives in jeopardy without them even realizing it.


This information is not only for teenagers, but for everyone. This information must concern us all because we are all humans. Nobody has two lives; we each have one, and it is critical that we take good care of it for as long as we are alive. People's actions have resulted in a high increase in mortality rates around the world:


• Tobacco use and alcoholism



The majority of people claim they drink or smoke for fun, to relieve stress and anxiety, and to solve their problems. However, this habit has the potential to devastate human health and shorten life expectancy. The majority of people also engage in drug use. Both of these factors contribute to premature death.


• An immoral way of life


783a023ccd07a667e05b96e5ccbd4322?quality=uhq&format=webp&resize=720&resize=720The majority of people brag about how many women or men they have been with. This is amusing because, in the end, they contract STDs, which deteriorate their health and cause them to die young. You may speak of safety, but believe me when I say that such a thing is no longer worthwhile. It's worth it to refrain from unethical sexual acts or limit yourself to one partner. As a result of STDs and diseases, many people have died.


• Unhealthy eating habits




What do you eat on a daily basis? Do you ever eat whatever you can get your hands on because you're hungry? The foods we eat can reduce our life expectancy in some cases. Toxins in most foods pose a threat to the human immune system. When these toxins enter the body, they weaken the immune system and enable diseases to flourish.


• A lack of physical activity




Most people consider exercise to be a chore, but it is important to take care of your wellbeing in this manner. People who do not exercise appear to be poorer as they age than people who do. Lack of exercise puts the human body at risk for a variety of diseases.


• Womanizing



Don't think you're a champion just because you've proposed to and gotten laid with a lot of people. You are slowly putting your life on hold as you give your power to women. This is not just for men, but also for women.


• Prodigal way of life




This kind of lifestyle is the reason why the majority of young people die young. Most people live to please others, and they partake in a variety of risky behaviors to do so. Young people consider drinking and partying to be cool activities. However, these practices lead to a shorter life expectancy.


Stop smoking if you don't want to die young, and if you must drink, do so in moderation. Also, stop womanizing as a young man and as a young lady, don't offer chance for men to have their way with you. If you're in a relationship, limit yourself to one partner. Exercise often and keep track of the foods you consume on a daily basis.




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The one that poses great danger is the use of alcohol and narcotics among the youth. It is very difficult to curtail this societal ill especially at this hard times. The government has failed woefully in providing jobs to the youth and most of them have gone beyond redemption in drugs abuse.

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Owolabi Toheeb
11 months ago

When I don't drink liquor, smoke nko

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I don't think so

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