Reactions As Man Proposes To Girlfriend Who Slept With His Brother And She Said 'Yes'

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A Twitter user has expressed excitement of getting a "yes" from his girlfriend who initially turned down his proposal because she thought she hadn't forgiven her for sleeping with her brother. @PapaBareLaFlare said the trauma of getting to know that his girlfriend slept with his brother cleared off after he stayed in a mental facility for one month. He added that he is glad that they can grow together so true love can win.

He wrote on Twitter;

"She finally said yes! I was heartbroken the first time she said no but I knew she thought I hadn’t forgiven her for sleeping with my brother. But that trauma was cleared when I stayed at the mental facility for a month. Glad we can grow together so true love can win."

Reacting to the negative comments he got after his tweet went viral, the Twitter user wrote; "I think all the negative comments are day y’all want black women to be loved and black families to stick together but I can’t forgive her for makin a couple mistakes with him? At least it’s my brother it coulda been my best friend. #LoveWins #SaveTheHate"



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Wakilu Ayinla
1 week ago


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Hdfjt jsjr gs

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Na girl be that oooo

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Girls are somehow

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Indeed love is blind

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Emily Otuedon
1 week ago

Hope she enjoys the marriage

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