Bokoharam Reveals Why They Are Attacking Nigerians.

By Quadri Olafenwa   1 week ago   59
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Bokoharam Finally Reveals Why They Are Attacking Nigerians. See What They Said.


Apr 24, 2021 12:46 PM



According to SaharaReporters, it was gathered that the terrorists that attacked Geidam town in Yobe State, had shared letters to those living in the community before they attacked them. The letters clearly stated that they (BokoHaram) came to fight Jihad war with Nigerian Army.



Furthermore, those letters were written in Hausa language and in those letters the insurgents emphasized that they are all out to kill anyone who is stopping them from practising Jihad or anybody working together with the Nigerian security operatives.



Indeed these bandits are becoming more dreadful as their attacks are becoming more daring to the Nigerian Army. If they could attack the security Operatives and escape without being apprehended, then what's the fate of we the civilian who are not armed?

God should intervene in our country if not we are gradually creeping into war. GOD FORBID!!!


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Hi I will be there at the house at it and see if it

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Bokoharam my foot 

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Bokoharam again

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OK nice one

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The Federal Government should try to look into

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Andrew Marcus
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Hmmmm boko Haram problem

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Bookoharam my foot

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