Killing Of 3 Of The Abducted Students Heartbreaking - Atiku Abubakar Says Over Greenfield Students

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Nigerian ex-presidential candidate, and former vice president of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar has on his Twitter page shown and expressed his condolences concerning the killing of the 3 abducted students. Atiku on his Twitter page was remorseful as he talked about the killing of the 3 abducted students of greenfield university in Kaduna State, praying that may their souls rest in peace. AMEN.
Heartbreaking to learn of the killing of 3 of the abducted students of Greenfield University, Kaduna. How long shall we continue to lose precious souls? May their families and friends be comforted. It is time states are granted constitutional roles in the management of security.


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Abiodun Shittu
8 months ago
I've said it before dat we lack security
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Thanks for the update and for the record I have a good feeling

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Efejuku Solomon
8 months ago

What is Nigeria turning into

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Okpe Miracle
6 months ago

may there souls rest in peace 

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Mus Lim
6 months ago


lack of insecurity
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5 months ago

May their soul rest in peace

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