Funny Moment As Lady Was Stuck In A Protector While Sneaking Into Her Fiance's House (Video)

By Mod2   2 weeks ago   72
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According to report, she tried to sneak in to check if her man was cheating and got stuck by her yansh. They had to call nearby welder. Thank God there was light to power the welding machine. See her yansh. �: via @gossipboyz1



Watch video here


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It was just a 

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99 days for the thief

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Efejuku Solomon
2 weeks ago

Hahaha dey don don catch am

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)Hahaha  wahala  no dey finish

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Adenota Emmanuel
2 weeks ago

See your life, hope you caught him

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What is she doing

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She no fit go back ni

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Big problem 😂 😂 

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Emily Otuedon
1 week ago

Lolx. She wan go catch bros if cheating or not. 

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