Helen Prest-Ajayi Finally Celebrates Her Daughter, Tomisin Ajayi's Birthday (Photos)

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Former Miss Nigeria Helen Prest-Ajayi on Thursday celebrated her last daughter Tomisin Ajayi on her birthday. Prest-Ajayi uploaded two photographs to Instagram, one of herself hugging Tomisin and the other of her late partner Tosin Ajayi hugging his daughter.

“Happy Birthday my princess @tomisin_ajayii,” she wrote.

Prest-Ajayi has three daughters — Tiffany-Annabelle Davies, Ted and Tomisin Ajayi.

The former beauty queen had Tiffany with her first husband and businessman Jimmy Davies.

After a divorce, she had two other daughters with Ajayi whom she lived with for over two decades, although they were never legally married. Ajayi, the founder of First Foundation Medical Centre, died last year but was only buried 10 months after following family crisis.




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