Checkout Photos Of Newly Built Mosque In Enugu State (Photos)

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Although the nation adheres to a variety of values, ideologies, and faiths, Islam and Christianity are the most widely practiced. Aliyu Nwa Igede, an Igbo Muslim man, shared a photo of a beautiful newly built mosque in the south- eastern state of Enugu . He posted the photos to the Facebook group Igbo Muslim Ummah.

The group which was created to connect Muslims of Igbo Origin had more than 8 , 500 followers .
The user Aliyu captioned the images with the words :
‘Islam we move . The mosque below is not at Saudi Arabia. ( It is in ) Enugu State Nsukka . My town village . Alhamdulillah . ’

The submit generated 457 Likes and 174 Comments within a duration of Three Hours . Muslims within the group took their time to explicit their joy and admiration for the today's development.
A person , Nasir Saidu , commented: “ God bless Igbo Muslims with their families, amen. ”
Another one wrote : “ May Allah preserve to guard us all , amen. ”
Others commented ‘ Ma Sha Allah’ that's an Arabic word that means ‘Beautiful Will of Allah’
Here are screenshots of the responses :







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Mosque! For muslim abi!

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It a good deed

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Emily Otuedon
1 week ago

This is beautiful. This how it should be. No religious differences

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Edem Friday
5 days ago

Fshtvdf great ggd the

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