How Deborah Ojengbede Raises 1 Million Dollars For Her Tech Startup

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To the surprise of the cryptocurrency world, AFEN, the first government-backed NFT initiative, held one of the quickest public sales in the crypto space on April 20th, 2021. Raising over a million dollars in her token’s sales round. Deborah Ojengbede, Chief Executive Officer of the AFEN group and a former banker, is in charge of the NFT initiative. The 27-year-old CEO resigned from her job as a business analyst at a top Nigerian bank, where she had worked for the previous five years.

Following that, Deborah began pursuing her crypto aspirations, giving birth to AFEN, the groundbreaking platform for the digitization of African arts, real estate, and education. AFEN intends to use blockchain technologies, specifically the Binance smart chain network, to provide a solution to the problems limiting the Industrial African trio. For more details on AFEN’s site to get acquainted with the new crypto revolution. AFEN is building the future for Africa.


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