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Hello guys, I compared the Samsung Galaxy A32 with the Samsung Galaxy A52. The Samsung Galaxy A52 is obviously the better smartphone here but how does it compare with the cheaper Samsung Galaxy A32.

Build Quality and External Features

Both smartphones have a plastic frame, plastic rear, plastic is boring but it is durable. The rear of the Samsung Galaxy A32 has a gloss finish to it while the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a matte finish and both look good. Between the two smartphones, I prefer the design of the A32, it reminds me of the Iphone 5c but I’ll be the first to admit that the Samsung Galaxy A52 does look more premium because of the matte finish and the rear looks a lot like the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra.

Both smartphones have corning gorilla 5 protection at the front and both are durable smartphones like we know but there is one area where the Samsung Galaxy A52 shows that it is the boss and that is when it is time to swim. The Samsung Galaxy A52 is an IP 67 Certified device and can be submerged in water of 1 meter for 30 mins. The Samsung Galaxy A32 isn’t water and dust resistant but it isn't afraid to get wet. Submerging this smartphone is like playing Russian Roulette, it might or might not survive.

So for the build quality, the Samsung Galaxy A52 wins.

How about the external features? Well, both smartphones come with a 3.5mm audio jack, a primary microphone, a USB type c port, the Samsung Galaxy A32 has a single speaker while the Samsung Galaxy A52 has stereo speakers and it sounds great. Putting both smartphones side by side, the Samsung Galaxy sounds louder, cleaner, and clearer.

Both smartphones have volume and power buttons on the right side, Both have a secondary microphone at the top, the Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a dual nano sim card tray and a memory card slot while the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with a hybrid nano sim card/ memory card tray. Both smartphones have to capacity to use a 1TB SD card and they both have an optical fingerprint scanner on their display.

In testing out the fingerprint scanner, I disabled the fingerprint animation to make unlocking fast on both smartphones and the fingerprint scanner of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is quicker. It is about 1 second faster than the Samsung Galaxy A32. I’ll like to add that both fingerprint scanners did a good job in unlocking and I got very few mismatches.

For the face unlock feature, I found the Samsung Galaxy A52 to be faster and more accurate.


Moving to the display, this is where it gets a bit complicated to pick a winner. The Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a 6.4-inch display with an infinity U display while the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with a 6.5-inch display with an Infinity O display. Infinity U and O are just how the front camera cut-out looks like. Both displays are Super AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1080 X 2400 Pixels. Max brightness on both smartphones is 800 nits and most importantly both displays have a refresh rate of 90hz which is noticeable when you scroll. Watching content on both displays is just good, the colors are breathtaking. Both displays are identical and to pick a winner, I’ll have to nit-pick and here it goes. Because the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a slightly taller display and the camera cut-out looks modern, It wins the display comparison.


For performance, the difference between these two smartphones is large. The Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with the mediatek Helio G80 Processor, which is a 12nm processor while the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes with the Snapdragon 720G processor and which is an 8nm processor.

Scrolling is noticeably smoother on the Samsung Galaxy A52. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy A32 stutters a bit, it hangs here and there when you scroll. It is hard to show on camera but it’s definitely there. Is it a deal-breaker? well no. should you worry about it, Not really, but it isn’t as smooth as the Samsung Galaxy A52 that is for sure.

Moving to benchmark results, the Samsung Galaxy A52 scores higher when I ran the Antutu benchmark test, it also scores high in geekbench, 3d mark, GFX Bench.

For multitasking, the Samsung Galaxy A52 has the superior Processor which translates to better photos, and videos which you will see soon. It also has a better GPU when it comes to gaming. Playing pubg, both smartphones ran the game well. Both smartphones played the game at HD graphics and a high frame rate. Where the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes on top is with its dual stereo speakers. It makes the game come alive. I can’t say the same for Samsung Galaxy A32 with the mono speaker that can be easily blocked.

Moving on to Geshin Impact, the Samsung Galaxy A52 opened the game faster. Both smartphones can play this game at the highest graphics settings and even at 60FPS but I find the gameplay on the Samsung Galaxy A52 to much smoother.

For real racing, both smartphones handled the game well, no complaints here.

Moving to Call of duty, both smartphones run the game well, Samsung Galaxy A32 played the game on medium graphics and high frame rate while the Samsung Galaxy A52 played the game at high graphics and very high frame rate. With the Adreno 618 on the Samsung Galaxy A52, you get a better gaming experience as you can see.

For games like asphalt 9 that are not too graphic intensive, both smartphones can play it on the highest graphics settings without any issues.

Moving to the operating system, both smartphones are running on Andriod 11 with Samsung one UI 3.1. For multitasking, both smartphones come with 6GB of RAM. I opened a bunch of apps and they performed identically.

So for the performance department, the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes on top.


Moving to the camera department, the Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a 20MP front-facing camera while the Samsung Galaxy A52 has a 32MP front-facing camera, and this time around the smartphone with the higher Megapixel wins. Images on the Samsung Galaxy A52 are noticeably sharper. Bokeh shots look better on the Samsung Galaxy A52 as well. The Samsung Galaxy A52 has more features like the fun mode where you have Snapchat lenses and single take. Those features are missing on the Samsung Galaxy A32.
You can record slo-fies on the Samsung Galaxy A52 while the Samsung Galaxy A32 doesn’t have that feature.

Moving to the rear camera, both smartphones have a 64 MP wide camera, 5MP depth, and 5MP macro cameras. The Samsung A52 comes with a 12MP ultra-wide camera while the Samsung A32 comes with an 8MP ultra-wide camera. Looking at wide shots, the Samsung A52 takes better pictures, moving to the main 64MP camera, both smartphones take 16MP shots and through pixel binning, they can produce 64MP images. The Pictures captured by the Samsung A52 are sharper, clearer, better than the Samsung A32. Night mode on the Samsung Galaxy A52. For videos, the Samsung A52 is the smartphone to pick as it has it can shoot in 4k using the front and rear cameras while the Samsung Galaxy A32 is limited to 1080p footage.

For the camera department, hands down the Samsung Galaxy A52 wins as it has more features, takes better pictures, and can shoot 4k videos using the front and rear cameras.


For the battery department, the Samsung Galaxy A32 comes with a 5,000 mAh battery while the Samsung A52 comes with a 4,500 mAh battery. Both smartphones come with a 15 watts fast charger. The Samsung Galaxy A52 is capable of charging at 25 watts charger but Samsung decided to include a 15 watts charger in the box (shame on you Samsung). That doesn’t sit well with me considering the price of the Samsung Galaxy A52. Using the 15 watts fast charger to charge both smartphones, it took the Samsung Galaxy A52 1hour 36mins to charge from 0-100% while it took the Samsung Galaxy A32 2 hours 17 mins. That is almost a 20 mins difference between these two smartphones.

For the battery drain test, I kept the display of both smartphones at 50% brightness and played youtube for 2 hours. I ran the Antutu Benchmark test continuously for 1 hour.
I opened Instagram reels and at the 6-hour mark, the Samsung Galaxy A52 battery dropped to 43% while the Samsung Galaxy A22 battery went down to 50%.

I ran 3d mark for an hour, I played youtube for 2 more hours and at the 9-hour mark, the Samsung Galaxy A52 battery dropped to 17% while the Samsung Galaxy A32 dropped to 26%.

After 10hours 27mins, the Samsung Galaxy A52 threw in the towel which is impressive and at 11hours 23mins, the Samsung Galaxy A32 battery got depleted, making it the winner of the battery drain test.

The extra 500mAh battery in the Samsung Galaxy A32 does give it an edge making it the winner of the battery drain test.

The Samsung Galaxy A52 charges faster but the Samsung Galaxy A32 lasts longer. Which smartphone wins the battery department? Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below.

So, guys, the overall winner of this comparison test is obviously the Samsung Galaxy A52. I hope you found this write-up to be useful enough to make a purchase decision





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The A52 is better

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Samsong is good to go

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