Suspected Kidnappers Of Afaka Students Demand N500 Million Ransom

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Parents of the kidnapped students of Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka, Kaduna state said they were asked to pay a whopping N500 million ransom before their children would be released from captivity. They also said they have lost hope in government’s intervention of securing the release of their children.

Although 10 of the students were released by the gunmen and have since reunited with their respective families, the remaining were still held in the bush since 11 of March, 2021.

During a press conference in Kaduna on Friday, spokesperson of the parents, Mr Friday Sani said the gunmen have started calling them personally requesting ransom amounting to N500million for the release of their children.

According to him, “the condition we are in today may be very pathetic, and we're calling on the entire global to come back to our useful resource. We held a protest and the Kaduna State Government called us, thinking they have been going to provide us desire that they may rescue our children. But they instructed us that anyone caught negotiating with bandits could be prosecuted.”

“That additionally brought about our second popping out to address the world thru the media that it will be higher for us to be arrested, even though we have already been arrested emotionally since our youngsters’s’ abduction.”

“We are already underneath the arrest of Government, some of us couldn't devour and sleep whilst some of us have evolved illness, so there may be no arrest higher than this”, he said.

“We will retain to protest, no matter the quantity of protection forces, the best is death and we're prepared to sacrifice that for our kids who've promising futures”, he stated.

According to him, “if we will negotiate for the release of our children and be successful and then being arrested afterwards, we are able to be the happiest people. It is higher for us to be in authorities’s detention rather than allow our children to die.”

“The destiny of our kids is what we don’t recognise and this is the hassle we have, the authorities has saved silent for the reason that launch of ten of the children.

“May be it's miles due to the fact we are no longer speaking and pleaded with no longer to address the media and protest on the street. The authorities has remained quiet about our abducted kids. We wouldn’t mind if the government take credit for the release of the ten college students, be it as it can be, we want them to permit the discharge of others so that we are able to applaud them the greater.”

“The government may also flip Kaduna into Dubai however if there are no people to advantage from it, then it's far a waste of assets. People aren't secured, the tales of every day incidents of killings, kidnappings and other sorts of crime is disheartening.”

“We are pleading with the Government to ensure our youngsters do not lost their lives at some point of path of any motion they need to apply in securing the discharge of our kids, but their silence” Sani said.

He consequently, on behalf of the mother and father, called at the minister of surroundings, Director General of forestry, the United Nations and different Humanitarian Agencies to come to their useful resource and ensure safe rescue in their children.  


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