It’s Ungodly For You To Marry Woman Without Giving Her Enough Sex - Smith Takema Says

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Smith Akom Takema, a Senior Special Assistant to the Benue State Governor, has revealed an important duty a good husband must perform in marriage. According to Mr. Takema, said that lack of sexual satisfaction is one of the common causes of marital problems.

The married father advised couples to court properly and ask honest questions before marriage because it is ungodly to marry a woman and not satisfy her sexually.

His Facebook post reads ;

“It’s unGodly so one can marry a girl and now not be giving her sufficient sex. Sex is created by using God to be enjoyed, they are ladies who aren't sex freaks and can pass with out it for months without minding, however they're a few who can’t stand without sex for per week,”

This are matters we should realize during courtship but Christianity has placed a ban for intercourse earlier than marriage.

Most times going by means of Christianity standards we don’t even recognize who we are getting married to as regard to intercourse existence, how will you control the put up ownership, there are matters the body structures can’t undertake.

“Mbakirgh ngokwase er na hua kempe GA. ” Meaning : you don’t pressure a old lady to wear pant. The above manner a girl/ man who loves everyday intercourse can’t prevent it over night time.

Please, couples have to court well at least ask surely and Frank questions amongst them selves if they could stand the check of fornication. Most marital problems emanate from cheats, unfaithfulness and lack of sexual pride.



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