Did You Know The Arabic Word Written On Nigeria Army Logo? This Is What It Mean.

By Ogunnubi Isaac   3 weeks ago   34
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Every Country need Army because they are the people who are ready to give their lives for their citizens, that is why Army are highly respected in different Countries. The duty of the Army is to serve and protect their Country and the Nigerian Army are good at their job, in different Countries in the World, Army has logo and that logo stands for something very important to the Country.

Most people are aware of what the logo of the Nigerian Army stands for, but there are some people who are not aware of the Arabic words written on the Logo and what it means.



According to reports, the Arabic words on the Logo is translated to "Nasrunminallah" which means that 'Victory Comes From God Alone'.

This means that the Nigerian Army believe in God, and they always look up to God for victory because he is the true protector.

You will also notice there is an eagle in the Nigerian Army logo, the eagle symbolizes the strength and power of the Nigerian Army, just like the eagle the Nigerian Army are peaceful when they want to be but they are also fighters who have defended Nigeria at different times.

Now that you know the meaning of the Arabic words on the Logo, what do you think of the meaning? Please leave a comment below.


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God's victory is ours 

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