Yemi Osinbajo Preaches Peace And Urge People To Resist Any Violence Over Imo Attack

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Our dear city of Owerri had its peace and tranquillity shattered by heavily armed hoodlums who blasted open the doors of the correctional facility, facilitating the escape of well over 1,000 inmates; many of whom were dangerous criminals.

They also attacked the police headquarters at “Shell Camp” burning several vehicles and even attempting to overtake the police armoury, if not for the effective resistance of the police.

An attack on the critical institutions of law enforcement, police stations and prisons is an attack on the safety, security and well being of the citizens.

It is not simply an attack on regulation and order. It is a senseless attack on the people and the way of existence of the human beings. When you attack police stations and unfastened risky criminals, you positioned girls, guys, children and their possessions and livelihoods at danger.

Whatever the reasons of the perpetrators, the movement is egregious and atrocious in the acute and all women and men of goodwill ought to openly condemn this attack on the manner of existence of the coolest humans of this State.

Perhaps extra than another part of the us of a, this vicinity has borne witness to the terrible value of lives, liberty and progress this is because of warfare.

It is in this stunning land, that our county learned a long lasting lesson on the futility of violence. But there are people who accept as true with that to remedy problems and conflicts aside from by violence is cowardliness.

If the voices in their hatred prevails we will enjoy the horrible and fruitless lack of existence that violence begets. Our gadget isn't ideal, and we will searching for to perfect it.

There is not any earthly gadget that is ideal, but what democracy and the institutions of democratic governance provide, are channels, however imperfect for in search of redress for damage, for peacefully addressing the issues that ail us.

There are many that are working tirelessly everyday to enhance our system, to build up and to beautify it. We should consequently, reject the marketers of anarchy that are seeking for to weaponize the disappointment and discontent of young people, for his or her personal earnings.

The course of violence can handiest lead to disaster, that consumes anybody, at the least to the desolation of our communities. It is easy to take peace with no consideration, but we want no longer research the value of peace thru the horrible crucible of war.

Anyone who perpetrates violence does no longer represent the modern mindedness of the coolest human beings of this State & this vicinity. I call on every body to come collectively to withstand any tries to turn the development and peace that this quarter is about to enjoy to warfare and disruption.

The protection on this metropolis and the State due to the fact that yesterday were further improved and we anticipate to bolster safety potential even more right here. The search for the escaped inmates of the correctional facility has started in earnest.

I especially want to thank the Governor of the State for his calm, measured but firm handling of the security scenario in the State. The Federal Government stands with you, and the outstanding human beings of IMO State at this very essential time.



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Yemi osibanjo preach peace and jurge people

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Michael John
1 week ago

course of violence can handiest lead to disaster, that

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Michael John
1 week ago

course of violence can handiest

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Hygcdt ggjaat ghuu

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A step in the right direction

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Senator and minister

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Always me

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