Syverline Onuoha 'Nancy Dive' Officially Wins Miss Africa America Nation Pageant (Photos)

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It was indeed a historic and mind-blowing turnout of events for young Queen Syverline Onuoha, popularly known as Nancy Dive on Instagram and other social media handles, as she emerged Winner of the 2021 edition of Miss Africa America Nation. She was crowned Winner of the competitive Contest after several critical screenings and indept reviews on her visionary prospects, especially in areas of promoting feminism through humanitarian activities and campaigns.

According to reviews, the newly topped Miss Africa America Nation 2021, Her Majesty Queen Syverline Onuoha is a Nigerian from Imo kingdom and is known to have made numerous brilliant affects in areas of helping underprivileged children, households and groups in Nigeria, using the Chinancy Helping Hands Foundation, which she founded few years ago.

Speaking with newsmen after she emerged Winner of Miss Africa America Nation 2021, Queen Syverline Onuoha expressed appreciation to her fanatics, friends, and circle of relatives Members for the help and encouragements she acquired from them. She also thanked the Organisers of Miss Africa America Nation 2021 Beauty Contest for the privilege to emerge as more useful in extending her impacts across Africa and America.

From informations garnered approximately the brand new Miss Africa America Nation 2021, we realized that the young, formidable and aspiring beauty Queen is also an Entrepreneur, who become honoured with one of the most legit Awards as MHA Female Personality of the Year through Mbaise Home and Abroad. As a Humanitarian, she is described as a person who has remained tirelessly committed to supporting human beings in want constantly. During the festive length , Queen Onuoha gave out over 1000 worth of meals













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Michael John
4 weeks ago

indeed a historic and mind-blowing turnout of events for young Queen Syverline Onuoha, popularly

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Usman Adamu
4 weeks ago


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Bulus Atang
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Rasaq Fatimah
3 weeks ago

It is indeed mind blowing

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