"You Are Too Slow" - Hakeem Baba-Ahmed Tells President Buhari

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Speaking on Arise Television on Wednesday, Baba-Ahmed said if he had the opportunity of sitting with the president, he would tell the president to wake up to his responsibilities as the country is falling apart.

He wondered why it is taking so long for the Buhari administration to tackle insecurity, adding that banditry and kidnapping were not major issues a few years ago.

“If I have an opportunity to speak with the president, I will say: ‘Sir, please wake up and smell the coffee, this country is falling apart.”

“It is in very extreme risk, it is going down beneath your watch. You swore in 2015 and again in 2019 that you may shield citizens, the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Sorry, sir, you aren't doing that, doing it nicely or you are not doing it at all. And one of the stuff you have to do is to call approximately 2 hundred to 500 Nigerians, without any preconditions, and say: ‘ladies and gentlemen, I consider that this authorities will advantage from some fine recommendation in phrases of the manner forward.

“Two, take your governors more into self assurance, speak to them. They are very vital human beings. They have responsibilities under the constitution and they may be capable of perform those responsibilities specifically on matters of protection. What do you want? What are we able to do collectively? What can I do for you and what can we do not forget a legitimate concept or a crazy concept?

“Thirdly, please ask actual questions about what is going on with the safety on this united states of america. Something is wrong. You preserve converting things however we see the same end result. We are becoming insecure with the aid of the day. Either it's miles your attitude as commander-in-leader of the militia or the human beings you agree with to guard and protect us. There must be some thing approximately the safety that you and the those who are combating this usa don’t apprehend.

“Why are we being so insecure? Why is it not feasible for Nigerians to address banditry, kidnappings? These things two, three years in the past do no longer exist. Is all people asking these questions? Is it which you have this harmony to your protection companies? Do you've got a manner of finding out due to the fact we don’t have the time in an effort to restore this u . S . At your very own enjoyment and the rate you are going, you're too sluggish and people are smelling a vacuum round your authorities and that is why you spot people saying we don’t need to be a part of Nigeria,” Baba-Ahmed stated.


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Felix Ukegh
1 month ago

You are making sensse

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True talk,  I just pray this our president will wake up truly.

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Anthony Hope
1 month ago

He no strong again na

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Nyake Ekpene
1 month ago

Please let me check

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Please tell him again...is like he didn't hear you

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