Gombe State Government Set To Vaccinate Over 1 Million Cattle

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Gombe State Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya says inspite of pausity of funds, his administration has procured enough vaccines and other veterinary equipment for the annual Statewide vaccination campaign against contagious disease threatening the survival of cattle, sheep and goats in the State.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya was speaking at the flag-off of the 2020/2021 statewide vaccination campaign against contagious Bovin Pleuro-Pneuminia in cattle and other ruminants such as sheep and goats at Gadam Kwami local government area.

The Governor said the occasion demonstrates Government's commitment to promote livestock production in the State by controlling animals trans-boundary diseases through vaccination campaign.

"Diseases including Bovine Pleuro-Pneuminia (CBPP) and Pestes Des Petits Ruminant (PPR) are of incredible concern as they reason splendid financial lost to our farmers because of excessive mortality and therefore constitute a risk to the economic system of our State".

He said his management's effort is therefore geared closer to the eradication of the trans-boundary animal sicknesses via large vaccination marketing campaign just like the efforts made towards rinder pest.

"I recognize that the once a year vaccination campaign has now not been conducted previously however with the coming of this management we evolved approaches so as to make certain the continuation of the exercise on the way to prevent setbacks in our collective attempt to get rid of those diseases".

Governor Inuwa Yahaya confident the people of the State of his administration's dedication to maintaining the yearly vaccination campaign with the intention to improve farm animals manufacturing in the State.

"Farmers and herders need one another for the improvement of our Agricultural sector as such we ought to discover ways to tolerate one another so that peace will reign in our kingdom"

He used the occasion to commend the Federal Government's Livestock Transformation Plan in the direction of boosting livestock manufacturing and controlling animal sicknesses throughout the country, calling on states to enroll in fingers within the war as ailment manipulate is a collective struggle.

Governor Inuwa Yahaya said such synergy will pass a protracted manner in enhancing cattle production inside the State, thereby improving the socio-monetary reputation of rural dwellers who're predominantly farmers.

He stated to reduce the effect of these sicknesses on the agricultural pastoralists, girls and youngsters who very own small ruminants as a shape of asset to be used in times of wishes, his management has procured enough vaccines and other veterinary device for a holistic statewide vaccination exercising.

"My desire is to convert the farm animals sub-area in the State with the adoption of the National Livestock Transformation Plan through the established order of a model at the Wawa Zange grazing reserve".

He stated efforts are underway to create employment possibilities and to make sure food security lessen poverty amongst teeming youths via the rural cost chain, pronouncing this will also pass a long way to cope with the perennial war among livestock and crop farmers.

The Governor appealed to stakeholders to enroll in fingers with the State Government to make sure the achievement of the exercising, calling on Local Government councils, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, livestock proprietors and members of the General public to offer veterinary personnel the wanted help and cooperation a good way to ensure the success of the exercising.

"It is my sincere hope that the workout will galvanize livestock farmers to re-devote themselves to the development of the cattle sub-quarter thereby improving cattle manufacturing inside the State and the kingdom at big".

Earlier in his deal with, the State Commissioner of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Muhammad Magaji stated this is the primary time for the reason that introduction of the State that a statewide annual vaccination of animals for two consecutive years jogging.

He said over 1,000,000 livestock are projected to be vaccinated against the contagious Bovin Pleuro-Pneuminia CBPP in livestock and Pestes Des Petits Ruminant PPR in sheep and goats across the State.

He applauded Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for supplying all of the consumables wished for a hitch free vaccination marketing campaign and appealed to the Governor to give the nod for the Employment of extra veterinary Doctors within the State.

The Director, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Dr. Musa Mohammed said the vaccination campaign is important for the survival and over all development of the livestock sub-region in the State and by means of extension the country as an entire.

The State Chairman, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association MACBAN Modibbo Yahaya said since closing 12 months's vaccination exercising, the Association has no longer said any case of disorder outbreak amongst its members.

He thanked Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya for his proactiveness and appealed to his compatriots to document any peculiar face or motion to the closest safety outlet for the prevention of any viable wreck down of regulation and order.




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Vaccine ajivi

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Freed of charge? Gombe state government

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