Things to know about adolescence:The age of abundant energy and love of company.

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Adolescence, the period of development between childhood and adulthood. Its onset is marked by puberty which occurs , on average at about thirteen in girls and about  a year later in boys, but wide variations are found within the range of the normal. Puberty now begins several months earlier than it did at the start of the century, and this trend towards earlier physical maturity may continue. During adolescence physical maturity may take place which both marks  the attainment of physical maturity and emphasize the physical difference among the different sexes.

The voices of boys breaks down, hairs grow on chest face and back , the breast of girls fall out ,pubic hairs appears on both boys and girl.

This characteristics are much more marked on some individuals than others.

   Adolescence is a time of growth, both boys and girls experienve "growth spurt" physically..

As this occurs at different ages some individuals feel left behind for a time, am develop feeling of inferiority complex which is always common in adolescence.

During this age Adolescence tend to challenge parents and other adults more than formally, and friction is likely to develop.

  The power to feel intensely develoos greatly during adolescence and can give rise to being overwhelmed by new or more intended emotions.

   During these age their intelligence reaches its peak. Thereafter intellectual advance is the result of experience and skills, not further enhancement of intellectual capacity.

Sex feeling also matures during adolescence.on the other hand the inner pressure for sexual outlet is powerfully felt, especially among boys; girls feeling are less physical than romantic.on the other hand there is striving to relate themselves to the other sex which is the social aspect of their emergency feelings.


One of the cheif problems under urban condition of life is to find outlets for their abundant energy and zest for life.


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Iniobong Etukudo
2 months ago

Its really the truth

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2 months ago

Adolescent age again

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It's really the truth

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