Nigerian Police Invite Ondo Leaders To Abuja Over Alleged Killing Of Cow As Community Kicks

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The leaders said it was surprising that the police were pursuing supposed killers of cows when it had yet to unravel those who killed their traditional ruler, the Olufon of Ifon, Oba Isreal Adeusi.

Leaders of Ifon in the Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State have kicked against the invitation of their elders by the police over the alleged killing of a cow.

The leaders stated it become surprising that the police were pursuing supposed killers of cows while it had yet to resolve folks that killed their traditional ruler, the Olufon of Ifon, Oba Isreal Adeusi.

They said the leaders invited were among those temporarily protecting forth following the demise in their Oba.

The past due Oba Adeusi changed into killed by way of suspected herdsmen around Elegbeka on Ifon-Owo Highway on November 26, 2020.

President of the Ifon Development Union, Chief Femi Awani, who spoke at a briefing in Ifon stated the police invitation changed into based totally on a petition by using one herdsman, Abdullahi, who claimed one in every of his cows became killed last month.

He cited the leaders invited to consist of Chief Ekon, Chief Olijewu, Hon Saliu Omotoso, Hon Olaniyi Eni-Olotu, and Chief hunter of Ifon.

Awani stated any other petition with the aid of one Alhaji Usman prompted the police to installation guys from the FIB Tactical Command Squad to make certain the invited leaders left for Abuja to reply the petition.

Awani stated that the thrust of the petition to the Force headquarters changed into not handiest about the killing of a cow however included alleged criminal conspiracy, a chance to lifestyles, and attempted kidnapping.

He stated the content material of the letter inviting the leaders become at variance with the verbal narration of the policemen from Abuja.

Awani appealed to the Inspector General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, to investigate the authenticity of the letter which they noticed as a ploy to intimidate them and forestall tries at protective their land.

He questioned if the petition become now not a ploy to release some herders who have been arrested for kidnapping around the network.

He stated, “Once we're certain the letter is actual, we can go to Abuja. We are law-abiding citizens. The allegations are weighty. It is a painful component to us. We could have been protesting however we're a non violent people.”

The Aremo of Ifon, Adegoke Adeusi, said it become shameful that the police couldn't arrest killers of the Ifon monarch, however were chasing after supposed killers of a cow.
He requested, “Who is to be arrested? Is it the killers of our Oba or those purported to have killed a cow?

”It is shameful. It is disgraceful. I was greatly surprised after I heard that four of our leaders were invited to come back and solution for the killing of a cow. It is a total injustice.

“An Oba turned into killed and they're now talking approximately a cow.”

In the identical vein, a pacesetter in the community, High Chief Joseph Ayayi, said the place mentioned through the petitioner that the cow became killed belonged to any other community.

”Where they killed the cow is not our land. They stated we ought to go to Abuja to explain. We do no longer realize something about the killing of a cow.

”There became no fight. When they investigated and saw that the area isn't our land, they invited our hunters, however the herder could not become aware of them as those accountable.

“A month later, they invited us and gave us petition paperwork to fill. Our names have been no longer inside the petition, however they gave us bureaucracy to fill,” he stated


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Cows should stop grazing in people's farm

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This Nigeria na real cruise country

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We will be able to make it

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My brother that is police for u

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Useless police

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Mean to be a bother but

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Good move...kudos.

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This is just the beginning

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Ibrahim Ali
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Could jsl t i but I won't know until

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They should kill more

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Mary Richard
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They should stop the cow's from grazing on people's farm

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