Did you know why He was deleted read to know

By Olasquare003   3 months ago   82

Instagram erase tunde ednut page for the second time after hitting 1million followings in 3days 

This is after he gave out 1,000,000 naira yesterday to a fortunate fan 

Twofold wahala 

We don't know what might have caused this but rather I surmise town individuals or an excessive number of followings in a brief timeframe 

Or on the other hand it very well may's be instagram haven't excused him yet, on the off chance that donald trump can be obstructed, at that point no one is above impeding at any hindering time 

This was coming after mrmacaroni advised him to be unassuming and mind how he converse with individuals rather tunde impeded him and erased the video he made for him



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Fashakin Daniel
3 months ago

I don't get

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I didn't grab

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