Helping nigerians farmers

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Home to over 180 million people, more than 200 ethnic groups, and a wide array of diversified mineral and natural resources, Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa. Its manufacturing and agricultural sector is fast expanding and produces an enormous number of goods in the region.

TechnoServe brings more than a decade of experience designing and implementing market-led interventions in Nigeria to address the country’s development challenges. Working in most of Nigeria’s 36 states, TechnoServe is partnering with a variety of public and private funders in agriculture and enterprise development.

In agriculture, TechnoServe interventions have targeted the maize, rice, cashew, tomato, cassava, soy, and poultry value chains, increasing smallholder productivity and income, improving access to inputs and finance, and strengthening market linkages.

In addition, TechnoServe is working with entrepreneurs to help small retail shops become more profitable and to increase access to clean water through sustainable business models. TechnoServe is also working with food processors to improve compliance with national fortification mandates and increase the availability of nutrients in local markets.

Smiling portrait of Nigerian country director

ChiChi OkoyeCountry Director, Nigeria

4b Asa Street
off Gana Street, Maitama
Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: +234 9 291 0631


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Said Abubakar
3 months ago

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Said Abubakar
3 months ago

I'm extremely happy because of this.

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Mustapha Kennedy
3 months ago

Wow thank god for the improvement

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It is a good thing to help the farmers 

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