Governor Sanwo-olu Must Appear Before Panel Over Lekki Shootings, #endsars Lawyer Insists

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says gov 'is a factor', must react to military charges 

Board has capacity to welcome anyone – Commissioner 

We've given AGF, others proof against 33 prosecuted SARS men – NHRC 

Our Reporters 

Councel for some #EndSARS protesters in Lagos State, Mr Adesina Ogunlana, has said Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu should show up before the Judicial Panel of Inquiry examining the supposed executing of #EndSARS nonconformists by soldiers at the Lekki tollgate the evening of October 20. 

Ogunlana said since the military guaranteed before the board that their procedure on that day was on the greeting of the lead representative, it would be significant for the lead representative to show up before the board, especially to exhibit his maintained confidence in the standard of law. 

The Commander of 81 Military Intelligence Brigade, Victoria Island, Lagos, Brigadier General Ahmed Taiwo, had during his questioning on Saturday said the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.- Gen. Tukur Buratai, requested the arrangement of troopers to the tollbooth and different pieces of the express that day following a solicitation by the lead representative. 

"He (the lead representative) called the Chief of Army Staff, following which 81 Division, Nigerian Army was requested into stage four of inward security activity; the call was in the early evening, before 4pm," Taiwo told the board. 

In the interim, in a meeting with one of our journalists on Friday, the legal counselor was inquired as to whether the presence of the lead representative was essential to the situation of his customers and whether he would push for the lead representative's appearance before the board. 

Ogunlana stated, "obviously, that is taken (sic). That individual (Sanwo-Olu) should come; he's a factor and he will come. He says he trusts in the standard of law, his Attorney General, Mr Moyosore Onigbanjo (SAN), has come to show up before that board to simply deliver a short discourse and to insist that the Lagos State Government is surely dedicated to disentangling reality with regards to what occurred at Lekki on that day; and the military has referenced him, in this way, he is a factor." 

While the Nigerian Army has reliably kept up that it didn't execute any of the #EndSARS dissidents, Ogunlana, then again, demanded that "individuals passed on my side." 

His customers, Kamsiyochukwu Perpetual, Dabira Ayuku and Samuel Isah, had in their individual testimonies on vow submitted to the resigned Justice Doris Okuwobi-drove board, focused on that troopers and police officers shot and executed dissenters. 

Ceaseless, in her appeal, expressed that she saw numerous dead bodies, incorporating one with a shot torn head at Reddington Hospital, Lekki the morning after the shootings. 

"The specialists denied us admittance to see the dead bodies. The media man swam in again and we could just observe one of the dead bodies whose head was torn by (a) slug terminated to his head. He laid at the crisis unit. The specialist called the body 'John Doe' (sic)." 

Ayuku, in her assertion on pledge, stated, "The troopers were requesting that individuals run while they took shots at them. I recollect a specific trooper that continued moving while he shot." 

Additionally, Isah said he saw how police officers purportedly gunned down a Nigerian banner bearing youth. 

He stated, "That youngster was hit by shot in his mind and passed on quickly, tumbling to the street with the Nigerian banner in his grasp (sic)." 

Isah said he figured out how to video the shootings by troopers on his versatile and had submitted two recordings to the board. 

Yet, Taiwo, who affirmed for the Nigerian Army before the board on November 14, said fighters utilized just clear shots, which they discharged into the air. 

"Clear used ammo contains just black powder, which just makes commotion and a blaze," Taiwo said. 

The overall said a clear projectile "can harm the fragile living creature and you don't have anything to fear aside from you take a rifle, set it against your eye and discharge. Regardless of whether you put it against your skin and fire you will just have consume imprints to show for it." 

Resigned commanders request govt test of live ammo, Serbian projectiles guarantee 

Then, some resigned commanders have required a profound examination by the Lagos legal board researching charges of police ruthlessness leveled against SARS faculty and the Lekki tollbooth occurrence, given proof by virtue of a report by the Cable News Network. 

The officers noticed that if vital, the board should welcome the military and different gatherings to talk on the new proof. 

The CNN report uncovered that consumed Serbian ammo, supposedly terminated by the troopers, were picked from the location of the episode. 

The report stated, "CNN has inspected shot housings found at the scene and affirmed with current and previous Nigerian military sources that the projectile housings coordinate those utilized by the military. Two ballistics specialists have likewise affirmed with CNN that the state of the projectile housings show they utilized live adjusts, which repudiates the military's case they shot empty shells. 

"Also, working with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, CNN has set up that few of the slugs from the Lekki tollbooth started from Serbia. Fare records CNN has seen show that Nigeria bought weaponry from Serbia pretty much consistently somewhere in the range of 2005 and 2016." 

One of the officers, a previous Provost Marshal of the Army, Brig Gen Idada Ikponwmen (retd.), let one know of our reporters that the board ought to be exhaustive in its examination dependent on current realities and the law. 

Ikponwmen stated, "I think the first extent of the board actually covers whatever proof we are getting. I don't think there is a requirement for another board. There should be proof before the board. The individuals who are stating that they discovered one or the other ought to have the option to set up them before the board. 

"The board is enabled to welcome anyone, in view of whatever new proof, to eliminate any confusion air. The board isn't simply to take a gander at realities a solitary; they ought to likewise take a gander at the proof considering the law; how would you connect with the military in a law requirement job; what does the constitution state? 

"We are now mindful of the conflicting assertions or positions from the different gatherings; the lead representative, the military what not. The board ought to have the option to investigate each one of those things. It isn't just about the slugs on the ground; how could they arrive? The board ought to have the option to determine current realities and the important laws and see whether everybody acted appropriately or there were inadequacies." 

Troopers should represent all shots, says Jemibewon 

Likewise, a previous Military Governor of old Western Region, Major General David Jemibewon (retd.), let one know of our reporters in a meeting that the troopers sent in the Lekki tollbooth zone that night ought to be made to represent each shot given to them, in accordance with military morals. 

He added, "It relies upon the experience and information on the individuals who comprise the board. It is significant. Obviously, whosoever makes a claim must have proof to help the charges he made. Thus, typically as those things, if fighters were called to a circumstance like that, they should likewise gather the unfilled shells of whatever ammo they consumed. 

"What I would prompt is that legitimate examination must be led. In the event that you assert that somebody was murdered, it is possibly they show the dead body or show void shells, being the used piece of the ammo. This is on the grounds that they would use as proof that surely these slugs were terminated. 

"We should realize the number of troopers were conveyed and the number of rounds of ammo they had with them. This is on the grounds that each trooper would be given a specific number of rounds of ammo and when they return, they should represent each ammo. In the event that they gave you five rounds and you state you have terminated one round, you should restore four rounds. 

"I wouldn't know whether they actually follow that, or whether the individuals from the board truly get this. This is the thing that we were trained when I was still there (in the military)." 

Likewise, Major General Obi Umahi (retd.), stated, "It is as clear as that it very well might be; just to affirm or explore whether any of the administrations has ever gotten shots made in Serbia; regardless of whether any of the weapons incorporates deadly implements from Serbia. That could simply be a snappy lead. Thus, you can't state it is this administration or that administration until after the report sets up that. 

"It is for you individuals to make your own private examinations and set up that any of the Armed Forces or any of the security organizations have load of Serbian-made ammo. When you build up that, you can face anyone with current realities." 

Board has capacity to welcome anyone Lagos chief 

The Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Gbenga Omotoso, has said the lead representative will show up before the sitting if the state legal board exploring the Lekki tollbooth occurrence chooses to welcome him. 

Omotoso, in a meeting with one of our journalists, brought up that he didn't know whether the lead representative had been welcomed by the legal board. 

He stated, "I'm not mindful that he (the lead representative) has been welcomed or he will be welcomed. It is just when they welcome him that we can start to discuss if he will be there. In any case, I realize that the board has the ability to welcome whoever will assist them with eliminating any confusion air on whatever gives the board needs to settle on. 

"However, I'm not mindful of such welcome. On the off chance that incidentally, the lead representative is welcomed, he resembles some other Nigerian. He set up the board in any case and on the off chance that they welcome him, why not?" 

Delta to burn through N100m to modify consumed High Court Complex 

The Delta State Government has said it will burn through N100m to revamp the state High Court Complex in Asaba which was leveled by punks who captured the #EndSARS fight in the state. The multi-million recreational park on the Benin-Asaba-Onitsha Road was likewise leveled. 

The Commissioner for Housing, Festus Ochonogor,


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