Nigeria association of the blind nob enugu chapter international white cane day safety commemoration

By Okonkwo Charles   6 months ago   161

(Nigeria association of the blind (NAB) Enugu state chapter).

(International white cane safety day commomeration 2020).

(Theme; promoting independence and productivity(.

A white cane is an important mobility tool for blind people as well as the symbol of their independence. It was introduced in 20th century and was painted white to be more easily visible to the public. On white cane awareness day' members of the National Federation of the blinds conduct activities in their local communities such as white cane match and other social events to mark the day. We join the rest of the world to celebrate the international white cane safety day this day 15th Oct 2020. White cane as a mobility tool' Its necessity for mobility independence of the blind can not be over emphasized hence aids independence productivity of the blind. In recognizeing such an important factor and it's achievements we hereby call on Enugu state Government to consider the inclusion of the blinds in policy making process and in cognisant of our daily mobility independence accessibility of public infrastructures should be considered a top priority. As the government of Nigeria maximises all avenue to prevent the spread of covid-19 , the mobility independence accessibility of the blind and partially sighted persons to public facilities should be made a policy and guarantees the provisions of white canes for the blinds. The mobility cane otherwise called white cane is used by the blind and partially sighted persons to independently navigate their path from one place to another .We seek attention of policy makers to consider accessibility of infrastructures such as roads, bridges, buildings, transportation etc in promoting mobility independence and productivity of the blind. In our efforts too manage covid-19 and its impacts, policy makers should recall that Nigeria is a state Party to UN charter and must not forget the obligations enshrined in the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities (UNCRPD). More specifically, article 9 requires countries to identify and eliminate obstacles and barriers and ensure that persons with disabilities can access their environment, transportation, and public facilities and article:19 states that person's with disabilities must be able to leave independently, and be included in the community affairs without any form of discriminations. In addition, goal 11 of sustainable development goals (SDGs) stresses the importance of making cities and human settlement inclusive and safe for all. It is necessary that Nigeria the giant of Africa strive to achieve this goal as universal access will eliminate some of the challenges currently experienced by the blinds and partially cited (the users of white cane). As we commemorate the value of this event' we hope that voices of the blinds and partially cited persons in Enugu state and Nigeria in general in promoting independence and productivity will be regarded and safe environment will be built to accommodate their accessibility interests. Remember, nothing for us without us. So, as the Giant of Africa, we should lead the path in promoting universal accessibility for all. In conclusion; we humbly in delightful to his disability friendly dispositions appeal to His Excellency' RT. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi the executive Governor of Enugu state to consider and order the immediate domestication of discrimination against persons with disabilities prohibition law of 2018 otherwise called National disability law in our dear state (Enugu) as ascented by Mr President and Its commission established at the National level and provides policies that if implemented will go a long way in solving some social economic, Education, employment etc problems this set of people are facing in their community. Moto; ability in disability. Justice for all. One love. Enugu state is in the hands of God. Signed; Comrade Onyebuchi Mba, chairman. Miss Chukwuatu Victoria Ifeoma, secretary.


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Eric Director
6 months ago

First mam here 📌 📌 

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Did u really mean this 

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Aliki Oluwarotimi
6 months ago

Wow really I am interested

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Evelyn Shedrack
6 months ago

God help Nigeria

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Yes allow them to commemorate, at least it will make them happy 

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Good help in Nigeria 

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